Altigénérator projects

Altigenerator is first anl auxiliary power units for hang gliders and paragliders. Altigenerator increases the range of use of hang-gliders by allowing you to take off from a flat area to access lift.

The aesthetics provided by its painted carbon moulded hulls give a reliable and reassuring appearance. No more clamped tubes and dubious welds; The storage dimensions mean there is no need for a shed or trailer. Everything fits in the car and in the flat after a simple folding.

The Altigenerator range is a set of 10 different aircraft consisting of only 12 modules. Whether for kit deliveries or all assembled. A very low stock of spare parts allows us to satisfy a very large number of customers with different motivations.

The Altigenerator system

Delta Motor Altigénérator

Motorized harness for free flight wing

Weight shift trike Altigénérator

This trike, whose propeller is inside the cables, benefits from a reduction in the energy-consuming nose-up torque, which makes it very pleasant to drive.

Paramotor Altigénérator

Motorised harnesses for paragliders

Paramotor trike Altigénérator

Compact and foldable trike in a few clicks

Electrically powered harnesses Altigénérator

The electric one is justified to join a thermal or a cliff to soaring by starting from the bottom.

Magic switch

This switch allows you to start and stop an internal combustion engine with a single press. This switch has multiple other applications.

Control handle including tachometer, fuel level and a single push-button switch to start and stop the engine

Moving an unfolded hang glider over a long distance, especially in windy conditions, is not a simple operation, hence the interest of the hang glider cart.