Spirit of Altigenerator

ULM: Ultra Light Motorised Aircraft offers the possibility for humans to climb freely and easily into the sky. It is the freedom aspect that prevails. Be free as a bird in the air without depending on accessories, hangar, trailer, …

Always have an easy to assemble aircraft at hand so that you are always ready to fly just for the pleasure of being in the air. This is the Altigenerator’s goal.

You might say: it already exists, but with some major differences.

The basis of the Altigenerator system is based on bringing together three essential points of an aircraft to optimise its flight envelope.

These three points are the centre of gravity, the point of lift and the point of thrust. The aim is to confirm this basic aeronautical law: P = M / F. P is the minimum thrust to maintain the « zero-ter » altitude. M is the mass of the microlight in flight condition including the pilot and F is the glide ratio of the assembly.

Let’s take a simple example: 10 = 100/10. It only takes 10 kilograms of thrust to keep a microlight flying in optimal conditions. Surprising as it may seem, Altigenerator was able to confirm this law with its deltamotor by taking off on flat ground with only 11kg of thrust. The proof is its distance record achieved in 1989

Let’s take the simple example of a paramotor. It has all the necessary qualities but its thrust point is very far from its lift point, so it uses at least twice as much energy as a hang glider. A paramotor therefore needs a more powerful engine and a higher fuel reserve. It also needs a larger propeller that generates more torque. Because of the size of the engine, the propeller is further away from the pilot’s back. This generates an amplification of the parasitic effects of the pilot’s movement.

Altigenerator compensates for all these disadvantages by using an ultra-lightweight moulded carbon shell with integrated fuel tank and a very comfortable backrest. The latest generation of motors are more compact and more powerful, making the system incomparably efficient.

With Altigenerator, there are no more bundles of tubes, screws, bolts and tools. Everything can be folded and assembled in a few clicks and in a few seconds you are ready to fly.

Altigenerator is first and foremost an auxiliary motor for hang gliders and paragliders. Altigenerator increases the range of use of hang-gliders by allowing you to take off from flat ground to access lift.

The aesthetics provided by its painted carbon moulded hulls give a reliable and reassuring appearance. No more tubes to be fitted and no more dubious welds. 

The storage dimensions dispense with the need for a shed or trailer. Everything fits in the car and flat after a simple folding.

The Altigenerator range consists of 10 different aircraft with only 12 modules. Whether for kit deliveries or all assembled. A very small stock of spare parts allows us to satisfy a very large number of customers with different motivations.


We are looking for a manufacturer interested in producing one or more of these models