History and Future of the Altigenerator

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Today, faced with the weakening of the paragliding market, the hang gliding market could restart if there is a revival. The obvious solution that addresses all the drawbacks inherent in hang gliding is auxiliary propulsion to individualize the activity. Auxiliary propulsion relieves the hang glider from collective structures such as bases, listed sites, springboards, recovery vehicles … it opens up access to a multitude of new sites and unique flight plans.

I’ve been 73 since October and I’m waiting for my new wing from Ellipse to test my latest electric prototype …

Wing manufacturers, think and work together, I am at your disposal.


The goal that I have set for myself since the first flights is to explore the limits of the Altigenerator system to define the right compromise.

– Reduced

Several Altigenerators fitted with a propeller speed reducer have been marketed. While the reduction in noise nuisance and the increase in propeller thrust have provided a significant improvement, a reduction gear requires a greater transformation of the wing to use a larger propeller.

– Fairing

At the request of a customer, we made a fairing to have the instruments under the eyes and the feet warm like in a real airplane.

– Front beam replacing the rear cables

The solution of removing the rear cables from the wing by replacing them with a front beam was then explored. This made it possible to have the instruments in front of the beam and to bypass the limitation of the diameter of the propeller imposed by the presence of the rear cables.

– Electric

For two years we have been making an electric propulsion prototype which is currently completed. We are carrying out the first flight tests. All these options have the merit of being able to be combined and why not consider a reduced streamlined electric Altigenerator without rear cables. However, let’s not forget the basic rules the Altigenerator has to be light and to do that it has to be kept simple. « 

Serge Bessault